About UOF


Our Mission

  • We help clients transform their dreams into reality
  • Asking questions, listening, and offering creative solutions
  • To lead them to the perfect purchase, even if it’s not with us
  • We show love and care in all our daily interactions
  • Always leaving people with a smile
  • By delivering an experience that makes you go, WOW!

Let me begin by saying, Welcome!  The fact that you have reached this page suggests that getting to know the companies you choose to do business with is of the utmost priority for you.   And with that, is the purpose of this corporate site.

My name is Julia Ritzenthaler, Founder and President of Unique Online Furniture, Inc.  I started this company back in 2005, before most people even knew what ecommerce, or shopping online, meant.  In fact, most manufacturers were not comfortable with the concept.  But I had a vision of building a company with a solid team, a first class client shopping experience, offering unique home furnishings delivered to your front door all at a great value.

Most of our clients live in areas throughout the USA where they have limited options when it comes to shopping.  Ecommerce has opened up that door to so many people.

I launched our first store, UniqueVanities.com in 2005.  My husband Randy was a custom cabinet maker, and we came across a line of unique bath vanities at a market, and we knew furniture styles pieces for the bathroom were starting to make their way into homes.

In 2008, I launched UniqueMirrorsOnline.com, which was ultimately an additional shopping resource for our clients that purchased bath vanities from us.  All bathroom vanities need mirrors, and I was fortunate to find some outstanding product lines that were experts in shipping mirrors.

Later in 2008, I launched UniqueLightFixture.com.  This store was really born from my own interest in candle style light fixtures.  We had built our home in 2006, and I shopped high and low for candle style chandeliers and sconces.  I live in Dallas, and have more shopping options than most.  And I still could not find what I was looking for.  So when I found these few very unique lighting designers, I decided there has to be people just like me with the same challenge of finding unique wrought iron lighting.  And that theory was found to be true.

We have since added wrought iron curtain rods offered by one of our lighting designers.  These are beautiful with several unique finial options, and the prices are amazing for the quality.

That’s how we got here on a basic level.  But really, what makes us a great company is how we do business.  Our mission is to show our readers that excellent customer service is not a cliché for us.  We live and breath client service each and every day.  We are guided by a strong set of values in which we manage the business, lead our team, serve our clients and our community.

This is our chance to share our story.  It’s a great story.  As consumers we are creating monopolies by letting companies get so big.  Wal-Mart is big because of consumer spending choices.  We have almost become addicted to size.  Its becoming increasingly difficult for us small businesses to compete.  I don’t have a large PR firm to spend money on brand recognition.  But I do have a great team that helps carry our out our mission, and great clients that recognize a unique shopping experience.  So this is our attempt at building our own brand recognition.

On our blog, we will share real life examples of how we serve our clients.  We will share how we study customer service as a team, including the exercise details, and our findings.  We will share client testimonials and pictures they share with us, and examples of how I lead my team in both their professional and personal growth.  My goal is simply living a happy life.

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” — Ferris Beuller

If you like what you read, please share it with us through comments, on social media, or just do it the old fashioned way, give us a call!  We look forward to “meeting” you!


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